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Why Do You Need Root Canal Treatment After a Tooth is Broken?

Why Do You Need Root Canal Treatment After a Tooth is Broken?

It's believed that dentists often encounter patients' questions in their clinical work: If a tooth is broken, it will be enough to make it up directly. Why do you need root canal treatment? Today, IMD will give you an analysis.

1. Do I need root canal treatment for broken teeth?

It is common for the front teeth to be broken due to trauma. The need for tooth root canal treatment in this situation varies from person to person. Mainly depends on the degree of damage to the teeth.

If the defect of the tooth has damaged the nerve, or the nerve has been exposed, then it needs to be done. Because the dental nerve is a very sensitive tissue, when there is a problem or exposed to the outside, it will cause tooth pain and other problems, leaving hidden dangers.

The purpose of root canal treatment is to preserve the tooth as much as possible and allow the bad tooth to regenerate. Under normal circumstances, the tooth can be used normally after receiving the treatment.

2. Why do you need root canal treatment for a broken tooth?

We know that the reason why our teeth can feel pain and the sense of eating is due to the dental nerve, which is the pain system of our teeth.

Every tooth has a dental nerve, the anterior teeth generally have two to three nerves, and the posterior teeth have three to four. Dental nerve is a very sensitive tissue. Although there is a hard tooth protection on the outside, once the bacteria infects the tooth body and enters the inside of the tooth, the first affects the dental nerve. Therefore, in the case of tooth fracture and damage to the dental nerve, The tooth needs root canal treatment to avoid periapical lesions.

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