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Why Are Invisible Transparent Braces More Expensive?

Why Are Invisible Transparent Braces More Expensive?

The price of invisible orthodontic treatment is different in different places, and it is more expensive than the traditional "steel teeth" orthodontic treatment. So what is the reason?

1. Materials for making invisible transparent braces:

The invisible orthodontic bracket is made of imported polymer diaphragm, which is transparent and odorless, with high toughness, and will not be corroded by acid, alkali and oil, and is completely harmless to the human body. The material has passed the test of the National Medical Device Testing Institute and obtained the Import Medical Device Product Registration Certificate issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation. At the same time, it has also passed the EU CE certification.

2. The production technology of invisible transparent braces:

Invisible orthodontic technology integrates computer 3D printing technology, computer 3D aided design technology and digital 3D molding technology, and after a lot of scientific and clinical practice, the new orthodontic system developed, its orthodontic principle is completely different from metal fixed aligners.

3. The difficulty of making invisible transparent braces:

Invisible orthodontics requires the doctor to reconstruct the patient's teeth in 3D through a computer, simulate and correct the malocclusion model, output the image after each step of the tooth model, and then create a series of invisible transparent images of the upper and lower full dentition according to the image. Braces. Because of this feature of invisible orthodontics, patients need to replace a pair of invisible transparent braces every two weeks to gradually correct the misaligned teeth.

4. Other aspects of invisible transparent braces:

Different patients have different degrees of dental malocclusion, which leads to the difference in the number of orthodontic plans and braces, which is directly related to the cost; there are differences in materials and production technology between different invisible orthodontic brands, which naturally It will affect the price; the cost of diagnosis and treatment is also different in different cities and medical institutions.

In order to avoid stepping on the pit of fees, you should understand the local orthodontic fees, hospital reputation rankings, and successful cases of doctors. This information will help you choose invisible transparent braces.

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