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What People Wearing Invisible Orthodontic Braces Must Know During the Holiday Season

What People Wearing Invisible Orthodontic Braces Must Know During the Holiday Season

1. Prepare the braces needed during the holiday in advance

It's time for the annual show holiday, and it's even more important to have all the appliances you need for the holiday ready before the holiday. According to your own situation, you should get the required appliance from the clinician in advance, so as to avoid the holiday of the institution during the holiday and delay the treatment process.

2. Braces treatment is done step by step, and the teeth are not on holiday

The holiday is approaching, whether you are going out for fun, resting at home or visiting relatives, you should wear aligners for 20-22 hours a day, so as to ensure the effect of orthodontic treatment. On special occasions, you can temporarily remove the braces, but then you must wear them in time, not for a long time.

3. Precautions for eating braces party

Holidays must be a time to eat, and one of the biggest advantages of invisible orthodontic treatment is that it can be removed and worn at any time. It is necessary to remove the braces when eating and drinking colored beverages (especially when eating colored foods such as curry, coffee juice, etc., beware of stained aligners. .) After eating, clean your teeth and braces before wearing them, food and drinks will not remain in the appliance, and oral cleaning is more timely and effective. At the same time, don't forget to protect your dental health during the holidays.

Minimize your intake of sugary drinks (which break down into acids), sticky foods, etc. Because they are easily attached to the surface of the teeth, the teeth are eroded and plaque is formed, which can lead to decalcification of the teeth and cause dental caries.

4. Clean the braces in time and carry the braces box with you

Insist on cleaning invisible appliances with toothbrushes, toothpaste, cotton swabs and other tools every day. Do not soak them with disinfectant or hot water, otherwise the appliance will be deformed. When cleaning the braces, do not put them in random places, but put them in the braces box.

If the braces box is lost, you can put the braces in a clean, airtight transparent bag, or you can find other clean boxes for storage. Invisible appliances are transparent in texture. It is not recommended to directly wrap the braces with napkins, which are easy to forget or lose.

5. What should I do if the braces are lost or broken?

There are many activities on holiday, so pay special attention to your orthosis. If the braces are lost or broken, it is recommended to wear a pair of braces to maintain the status quo in the mouth. If there are 2-3 days to replace the next pair of braces, it can be replaced in advance. At the same time, contact the clinician as soon as possible to make an appointment for a follow-up consultation. If the doctor is on vacation, he can also communicate with him by phone, WeChat and other means.

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