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What is the Difference Between Orthodontic Treatments at Different Prices?

What is the Difference Between Orthodontic Treatments at Different Prices?

With the continuous improvement of living standards and medical technology, people pay more attention to oral health. Orthodontic treatment has become the choice of many beauty lovers. They hope to regain their beauty and health through this treatment and get rid of the troubles caused by oral health problems.

However, due to the relatively high cost of orthodontic treatment, which exceeds the psychological expectations of some patients, they are discouraged from orthodontics. Some people even think that orthodontic treatment is just putting on a brace and fixing it with a wire. Why is the charge so expensive for such a simple thing? However, orthodontics is not as simple as you think. We will explain you the pricing of orthodontic treatment.

Ⅰ. Places of the orthodontic treatment

The choice of treatment location greatly affects the different charges of orthodontic treatment. The treatment cost of orthodontic treatment is the same as other consumer products, and the price is also affected by market factors. Generally speaking, correction fees in first-tier and second-tier cities are higher than those in third and fourth-tier cities.

Ⅱ. Pricing strategies for the orthodontic treatment

Even in the same city, different places have different pricing strategies. Just as some businessmen adopt the strategy of small profits but quick turnover when doing business, the concept in some areas is to set prices based on quantity. There are also experts like some big wheels who are not easy to make appointments, and there may be expert fees.

Ⅲ. The difficulty of the orthodontic treatment

Generally speaking, doctors will adopt different correction methods according to the various oral conditions of each patient. There are also apparent differences in the difficulty of varying correction methods. For example, the orthodontic treatment plan to improve the mouth protrusion may include tooth extraction or even the use of bone nails, which will lead to an increase in the cost of treatment and the difficulty of treatment.

Ⅳ. Types and forms of orthodontic treatment appliances

Clinically, the doctor will recommend a suitable orthosis for the patient based on the patient's tooth deformity condition and the patient's economic conditions. The manufacturing process and cost of different orthoses are different.

For example, although traditional metal brackets are more cost-effective, orthodontic archwires need to be fixed on the teeth. The steel teeth exposed will greatly affect the appearance and bring inconvenience of cleaning.

Many patients choose the more popular invisible braces for aesthetics. Compared with traditional metal braces, invisible orthodontics technology does not require brackets and wires. It is made of an elastic and transparent polymer material, which is almost impossible to observe with the naked eye during the correction process and does not affect the daily work and life.

If the patient wants to reduce the discomfort caused by orthodontic treatment while ensuring the effect during the correction process, they usually choose a new type of self-locking orthodontic. Self-locking bracket braces have one more locking device than metal brackets. They are fixed on the surface of the tooth with a special adhesive. The bracket cover and elastic clamps that slide or rotate are used to fix the archwire to the bracket. In the groove, the friction between the steel wire and the bracket can be greatly reduced, and the discomfort and pain can be relieved.

Among these common braces, the cost of invisible braces is relatively high.

We want to remind everyone that no matter what type of orthosis or correction method you use, it will not affect the final treatment result of the correction.

Same for orthodontic treatment. No matter what brand of orthodontics you use, it will not impact the treatment results. The main factors affecting the treatment results are the doctor's skills and the patient's own conditions.

We often say that you get what you pay for. The pursuit of high-cost performance is important. Still, you should not blindly pursue low prices. In that case, it will inevitably lead to a reduction in the standard of a certain part of orthodontic treatment, leadingto hidden safety hazards and affecting the final correction effect. We hope those who need correction choose formal dental hospitals with strong medical resources and excellent hardware facilities.

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