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What is the Advantage of Children's Early Orthodontic Treatment?

What is the Advantage of Children's Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment is a correction method for children. It refers to the treatment of occlusal disorders and teeth through induction, assistance, training, and simple treatment during the transition period from deciduous teeth (0-5 years old) to permanent teeth (after 12 years old).

1. The advantage of early orthodontic treatment

(1) The treatment is simple, comfortable and does not affect life and learning;

(2) Reduce or eliminate tooth extraction and surgery to complete the correction;

Tooth extraction orthodontics and orthognathic surgery are risky and costly. After orthognathic surgery, hematoma on the floor of the mouth may cause suffocation, poor postoperative occlusal function and facial recovery, and accidental nerve damage. Although the incidence is extremely low, once it occurs, the result is often fatal.

(3) Intervene the abnormality of the jaw in time to improve facial defects by early orthodontic treatment.

2. Reasons for early orthodontic treatment

Facial development is the mutual influence of the human body's soft and hard tissues, and breathing and habits affect the force of the soft tissues, which determines the development of hard tissues (bones, teeth). During the dental replacement period of 5-12 years old children, many bad oral habits such as mouth breathing, finger sucking, mouth biting, tongue out, etc., will cause maxillofacial dysplasia.

Children's maxillofacial development is 60% completed at the age of four, 70% completed at the age of 7, and 90% completed at the age of 12. This is an irreversible process and cannot recover on its own. The higher the degree of completion of development, the more difficult it is to adjust.

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