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What Is Early Orthodontic Treatment for Children?

What Is Early Orthodontic Treatment for Children?

Many people originally had a neat deciduous tooth, but when they started to replace the first permanent tooth, the teeth appeared irregular, and as the number of teeth replaced increased, the irregular arrangement of the teeth became more and more obvious. So, when should they start to correct my teeth? Do they have to wait until the children's primary teeth are replaced?

The age of 7 is the most vigorous period of children's growth and development, and it is also the first golden period of pediatric orthodontics. During this period, there will be many problems with tooth switching, such as retention of deciduous teeth and impacted permanent teeth. At this time, we grasp the characteristics of growth and development for correction, which can not only align the teeth, but also promote the positive development of bones. At this time, the treatment effect is the best.

Early orthodontic treatment refers to the treatment of dental and jaw deformities and deformity trends (that can lead to the cause of dental and jaw deformities) in the early growth and development stage of the child (usually before the peak or peak period of puberty growth and development) to prevent, block, correct and guide treatment.

It mainly includes the following three aspects:

1. Early prevention; 

2. Early block; 

3. Early growth control

In the early stages of childhood, due to children's bad habits, dental problems such as irregular teeth, deep overbite, and bulging sky will occur. At present, domestic knowledge about malocclusion has not been popularized. Most parents still believe that orthodontics must be performed after the permanent teeth replacement of 12-year-old children is completed. However, this is actually not accurate. 5-12 years old is a period of rapid growth and development of children's teeth. When sleeping, the child's hormones are secreted vigorously. Under the action of growth hormone, the child's maxillofacial region and teeth develop rapidly.

The earlier the treatment, the shorter the time and the lower the cost. It is also better to correct misaligned occlusions where the upper and lower teeth do not fit properly.

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