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What Factors Affect Orthodontic Treatment Cost?

What Factors Affect Orthodontic Treatment Cost?

Tooth deformity has always plagued many people in real life. Deformed teeth affect the beauty of the face, affect our diet and chewing ability, and even affect our physical and mental health. Therefore, we must find out in time to correct deformed teeth in time to avoid harm, so the price of orthodontics will naturally become a topic of concern to everyone. So, what are the factors that affect the cost of orthodontic treatment?

1. The orthodontic treatment cost is related to materials

From the perspective of orthodontic materials, different materials have big differences in performance and effects, and the cost is naturally different. The mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties, biocompatibility and aesthetics of different materials of orthodontics are very different. Of course, it also includes impression materials, model materials and temporary dental materials.

Every type of orthodontics has its proper indications for restoration, and it is not suitable for all situations. Usually the doctor will help you choose a suitable orthodontic solution based on your situation.

2. The orthodontic treatment cost is related to the basic conditions of teeth

Different patients have different dental diseases, the materials used for orthodontics and the number of orthodontic teeth are different, and naturally orthodontic treatment cost is also different.

Before orthodontics, the 3D digital positioning system will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your dentition and tooth occlusion, and make a design plan through precise comparison. Considering a few to achieve the best bite state, and depending on your teeth, choose the right material to ensure a high degree of compatibility with the oral cavity.

3. The orthodontic treatment cost is related to the doctor's skills

Doctors must not only be proficient in oral treatment, but also have a strong aesthetic concept. They also rely on the professional restoration theory support of clinicians, standardized operations, correct designs, and close cooperation with technicians. Therefore, if you can grasp the non-ordinary treatment type of oral cavity, orthodontics must go to a regular dental plastic surgery institution.

4. The orthodontic treatment cost is related to the production equipment of orthodontics

From the equipment point of view, the ordinary equipment for making orthodontics costs tens of thousands of yuan, while the advanced equipment costs millions. Orthodontic materials are also different because of the ratio of their ingredients, and their prices are also different. From the perspective of the color of orthodontics, the color of orthodontics is not that the whiter the better, but the natural and harmonious. The use of a computerized three-dimensional colorimeter can match up to hundreds of color gradations.

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