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What Do You Think of Traditional Braces and Invisible Braces?

What Do You Think of Traditional Braces and Invisible Braces?

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, most people will see the image of "steel-toothed girl". Traditional orthodontic techniques have been deeply imprinted in our minds under the long historical accumulation. With the development and progress of science and technology, invisible orthodontics tailor-made transparent appliances for teeth through technologies such as computer and 3D, which not only achieves the function of aligning teeth, but also ensures aesthetics and comfort.

Ⅰ. The advantages and disadvantages of traditional braces

Traditional braces, a cast steel sleeve with very good durability, has a long service life. In addition, traditional braces have these advantages, such as fast correction speed, economical price, sufficient strength of aligners, and not easy to be damaged; but traditional braces are worn during the wearing process. It is generally painful, and the metal components seriously hinder cleaning, rubbing the oral mucosa, which is easy to breed oral problems.

At the same time, traditional braces are less beautiful when worn, and regular follow-up visits are required to adjust the progress of braces correction through the attending doctor.

Ⅱ. The advantages and disadvantages of invisible braces

Compared with traditional braces, invisible braces are more beautiful and convenient. People who wear invisible braces only need to replace a pair every 1-2 weeks, and their dental problems can be significantly improved. Because invisible braces have the advantages of high aesthetics, comfortable wearing, easy maintenance of oral hygiene, self-removal and wearing, fewer follow-up visits, saving time, etc., but not everyone can perform invisible correction, and it can only be judged after the diagnosis and treatment of the attending doctor. .

Correction Notes:

1. During the period of orthodontic treatment, it is recommended that everyone pay attention to maintaining oral hygiene after wearing braces, and brushing or gargling after each meal.

2. If the expected correction effect is not achieved during the correction process, a timely follow-up is required.

3. After wearing braces, do not eat things that are too hard, too tough and sticky to the teeth, so as not to cause the appliance device to fall off, affect the correction effect, and prolong the treatment time.

4. When wearing braces for the first time, there will be a little pain, and it will usually adapt to it after a period of time; after the correction is completed, a retainer should be worn to avoid recurrence.

As far as the correction effect is concerned, I think the effect of traditional braces and invisible braces is similar, and the difference is not big. Sharp-eyed users must have seen it, not because the traditional braces are not effective enough to be eliminated and abandoned, but invisible braces may be more suitable for the needs of young people, whether it is work, study, social interaction or even speech, they will not worry about steel teeth of embarrassment.

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