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What Are the Types of Orthodontic Treatment?

What Are the Types of Orthodontic Treatment?

1. Braces metal brackets

Suitable for the crowd: Affordable, suitable for students

Technical features: The price is cheap, and most people can use metal brackets for correction. The material is high-quality, with metal rigidity and elasticity, and is not easy to break and deform. Comfortable and stable, with a unique and natural flex for maximum contact and comfort. The correction effect is good, the number of follow-up visits and the treatment course are shortened, and the performance basically meets the requirements for use. Traditional correction methods have a long history and low prices.

2. Self-locking bracket correction

Suitable for the crowd: People with high requirements for comfort and correction time

Technical features: Shorter treatment sessions, designed by computer to make your teeth move faster and straighten in less time. Comfortable to wear, smooth, moulded edges for better comfort. The number of follow-up visits is small, and the self-locking design greatly shortens the treatment time. Active-self ligating brackets are easy to clean, and there are no rubber bands tied to the teeth, making it easier to keep clean. 2-3 months follow-up visit, orthodontic treatment is short.

3. Ceramic self-ligating bracket

Suitable for the crowd: cost-effective, the first choice for adolescent invisible orthodontics

Technical features: cost-effective, more economical than invisible orthodontics, and more beautiful than metal braces. Comfortable and painless, the surface of the ceramic self-locking bracket is smooth and round, and there is no obvious foreign body sensation and adhesion when wearing. Invisible and beautiful, made of glass ceramics, it is milky white and translucent, consistent with the color of teeth. It is convenient and fast, comfortable to wear, easy to disassemble,which reduces the number of visits, and saves time. Transparent, thin, beautiful, no foreign body sensation, short orthodontic treatment, easy to wear.

4. Clear alighner braces

Suitable for the crowd: People who pay attention to beauty or individuality

Technical features: transparent and invisible, suitable for beauty lovers who have high image requirements, such as celebrities in the entertainment industry, Internet celebrities, and teachers. Comfortable and painless, without traditional brackets and wire devices, the correction process is comfortable and painless. It is easy to remove and wear, and it does not affect daily life such as eating, brushing teeth, and socializing. Efficient and time-saving, the correction time is shortened by 1/3 compared with the traditional correction, and the number of follow-up visits is less. Transparent appliances are as thin as cicada wings, customized, less than 1mm thick, and have no foreign body sensation. They are known as "contact lenses" for teeth.

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