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What Are the Misconceptions About Dental Orthodontics?

What Are the Misconceptions About Dental Orthodontics?

In our daily work, we often encounter these small misunderstandings about dental orthodontics that most patients may have. Here is a rough summary:

Ⅰ. Dental orthodonticss are just for beautiful teeth

This view is more common. Some adults (especially men) who come to see a doctor often feel embarrassed, and even can't make up their minds to treat because they are afraid of being laughed at by colleagues or friends around them. There will be such thinking, understandable but not desirable. In addition to beautifying the smile, dental orthodontics have many other functions, such as:

1. Conducive to the maintenance of periodontal health. Irregular teeth are naturally difficult to clean, prone to calculus, red and swollen gums (there will be bleeding from brushing, bad breath, etc.), periodontal disease may occur over time (loose teeth, gum recession, etc.) etc.), it is more difficult to treat.

2. It is beneficial to the prevention of dental caries. The principle is the same as above. Due to the displacement of the teeth, it is difficult to completely remove the plaque, which can lead to the occurrence of dental caries in the long term.

3. It can create favorable conditions for dental restoration treatment.

4. It is conducive to enhancing personal self-confidence. Also very important. According to observation, as long as you see someone smiling while covering their mouths with their hands in real life or on TV, don't think they are shy or something. Nine times out of ten, they all have dental problems!

Whether it is at work or with friends, a bright smile without any scruples can add points to your personal charm. At the same time, you feel that having neat and beautiful teeth is also a reflection of your personal quality of life, so let people with unsightly teeth be allowed It is definitely not as good as people who wear orthodontic braces to have a more positive attitude towards life and a healthier mind!

Ⅱ. In dental orthodontics, the faster the teeth move, the better.

The movement of teeth has its biological regularity. Within a certain range of force values, the teeth move the fastest with less side effects. If the minimum force value is not reached, the teeth will not move naturally.

However, if the force is too large, the tooth will not speed up, but will have the opposite effect. At the same time, the submerged absorption of the alveolar bone will occur, and the periodontal tissue will not be repaired, resulting in tooth loosening, pain, and even root absorption, Pulp necrosis. Is the so-called haste but not achieved.

It can be seen that in the process of orthodontic treatment, only the scientific use of power can achieve both fast and good goals according to the laws of biology.

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