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What Are the Common Problems with Transparent Braces?

What Are the Common Problems with Transparent Braces?

Ⅰ. A common problem with transparent braces is that the correction may be restarted for two reasons:

1. The patient's own problems

If you don't wear the braces for a long time, it is easy to lose the braces. There is also the problem of chewing gum. Chewing gum is a unique tool for the treatment of transparent braces. The bite force is applied through the gum to make the braces and teeth fit better, and the correction effect will naturally be better.

2. The problem of doctor plan design

In some cases, the unreasonable design of the doctor's preliminary plan is also an important reason for the loss of the braces.

In another case, the doctor’s plan is reasonably designed, but during the correction process, due to the condition of individual teeth and alveolar bone, the operation will become very inefficient, and there are limitations of the transparent brace film, such as stretching The expression efficiency of operations such as length and twist is not high.

As you can see, restarting is either because of irregular wearing of braces, not enough time, and bad chewing, or because the doctor’s plan is unreasonable. If these two aspects are avoided, restarting can be avoided. There are also many people who wear invisible braces and do not restart. , a successful case of one-time correction, so not every case needs to be restarted.

Ⅱ. How to avoid restarting?

1. Wear it every day

When deciding to do Invisalign corrections, the doctor emphasized at least 22 hours a day. But some customers can't do it and feel that it doesn't make a big difference. You must know that wearing a little less time every day will greatly reduce the continuity of the correction, resulting in the teeth not moving in place, and naturally unable to wear the next braces.

2. Choose a professional doctor

Invisalign is different from traditional correction. If you only use the traditional correction idea to design and modify Invisalign's own plan, the result will be deviated from the preset, which will easily lead to poor results. Therefore, the selected doctor has a high technical level (professional technology and aesthetics must be online), and must be patient and responsible. The plan given to you is the most suitable for you, regardless of whether it is considered from the perspective of price or aesthetics, and must be willing to be patient and comprehensive. communicate.

3. Stick to chewing

After wearing the transparent braces, don't ignore the chewing gum! If you want the braces to fit better, you need to stick to 15-20 minutes a day to ensure that every tooth can be bitten. If the chewing gum is ignored, the gap between the braces and the teeth will gradually become arrogant, weakening the orthodontic force, and the desired effect will not be achieved.

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