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Wait Until the Child is 15 Years Old to Straighten the Teeth? Don't Miss the Best Time

Wait Until the Child is 15 Years Old to Straighten the Teeth? Don't Miss the Best Time

Every child is a little angel in the hearts of parents

But if the child's teeth are like the picture below, parents may be very worried about it.

At present, more than 70% of children in China have different degrees of malocclusion. According to the survey results of the Chinese Medical Association, the incidence of malocclusion (abnormal teeth) among Chinese adolescents is 51.84% in the deciduous period (1 to 5 years old), 71.21% in the replacement period (5 to 12 years old), and 72.92% in the dentition (12 years old +).

There are also related surveys that prove that students with misaligned dentition can easily become the object of ridicule and mockery by classmates at school.

Nearly 80% of young people with irregular dentition do not want to open their mouths to laugh, or even speak in public; Nearly 50% of young people with irregular dentition want to avoid social situations or participate in social activities as less as possible; About 20% to 30% of adolescents with irregular dentition have a sense of inferiority.

From these data, it is not difficult to see that the aesthetic defects caused by irregular dentition have cast a shadow in the heart of young patients, affecting their mental health. In fact, malocclusion (missing teeth) not only affects the mental health of young people, but also causes oral health problems.

1. Affect the development of cranio-maxillofacial region

During the growth and development of children, malocclusion will affect the normal development of the soft and hard tissues of the dento-maxillofacial region. If the anterior crossbite is not treated in time, the lower dental arch restricts the development of the upper jaw, and the lower jaw does not have a coordinated relationship between the upper and lower dental arches and therefore excessively develops forward, thus forming a 1/3 depression in the face and a mandibular protrusion deformity. With severe malocclusion, the face appears crescent-shaped.

2. Affect oral health

Irregularly arranged teeth tend to accumulate food and are not easy to clean when brushing. They are prone to caries and gum inflammation. In severe cases, they will further develop into periodontal disease.

3. Affect the function of the oral cavity

Malocclusion can affect the function of the oral and maxillofacial region. For example, anterior open bite, sparseness, etc. will affect pronunciation; Posterior teeth closure and crossbite will affect chewing function; Severe mandibular protrusion will cause abnormal swallowing. Severe mandibular retraction affects normal breathing.

4. Affect appearance

For example, showing teeth after opening lips, protruding jaws, etc. will affect the beauty of the face. These deformities include open showing teeth after opening lips, protruding jaws, long or short faces.

5. Systemic hazards

Some malformations of the tooth and jaw seriously affect the appearance, causing the patients to feel inferiority complex and withdrawn, and even causing serious psychological and mental disorders; At the same time, severe chewing dysfunction can lead to indigestion.

To use an unsuitable analogy, if you compare the process of orthodontics to building a house, a teenager's teeth are a house that has not been fully built, and it is easier to change it. Therefore if it is done at the age of twelve or thirteen, especially during the summer vacation, orthodontics will not affect children's studies, but can also achieve the best orthodontic effect!

The summer vacation of 2021 is coming soon. Are you ready to give your children a chance to change?

Say goodbye to ridicule, embarrassment, low self-esteem...

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