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Two Golden Periods of Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Two Golden Periods of Orthodontic Treatment for Children

How old should the child start orthodontic treatment, after the child has a tooth deformity? There are two "golden periods" in orthodontics, and orthodontists will give specific suggestions based on the different conditions of the deformity:

1. The age of around 7 years old is the first golden period of orthodontic treatment

For children who need orthodontic treatment, the age of around 7 years old is a very important point. We recommend that children see an orthodontist when they are 7 years old.

This stage happens to be the period of tooth replacement, and there will be many problems, such as retention of deciduous teeth and impacted permanent teeth. Some children's deciduous teeth are not well protected, and the abscess of the root tip will change the position of the permanent teeth and affect the normal eruption of the permanent teeth. This kind of disease must be detected and treated early. If the permanent teeth do not grow out, an orthodontist must be involved to help the permanent teeth erupt in time.

In addition, doctors will use the characteristics of growth and development to carry out early intervention and treatment of some skeletal deformities, such as underbite, which will gradually become more serious with age, affecting the growth, development and appearance of the maxillofacial bones. This malocclusion needs to be treated in advance.

If the child has a high degree of cooperation, orthodontics can be started at around 5 years old. Early orthodontic treatment can help children correct some bad habits and prevent bad habits such as biting hands and sticking out tongues from making children's teeth deformities more and more serious.

Whether or not the child needs early orthodontic treatment, it is best to choose a professional orthodontist to judge before diagnosis and treatment. For some young children with dental deformities, parents also need to calmly treat them.

2. Age of 12-16 is the second golden period of orthodontic treatment

12-16 years old is the best treatment period. At this stage, permanent teeth replacement is basically completed, and the growth and development of children can be integrated, and orthodontic treatment can be completed more efficiently. I also hope that parents will pay attention and seize the golden period of correction.

Early orthodontic treatment for children is very important, and the requirements on doctor's professionalism are very high. Therefore, you must choose a professional orthodontist to judge the treatment in order to achieve satisfactory results.

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