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To See the Truth of IMD

To See the Truth of IMD


The spring of 2020 is doomed to be recorded in history. The COVID-19 spread extremely fast around the world caused thousands of people to pass away in the epidemic. The virus infected the physical body of people and also influenced their psychological health at the same time, racism and discrimination raised during the pandemic because of the fear and panic from people who suffered in uncertain and unorganized conditions. It's easy to be elegant when we’re in a good period, but only in a hard time, we can see the deep inside of one organization how to respond to the crisis and society.

To See the Truth of IMD


In the early COVID-19 outbreak, IMD actively responded to the epidemic and applied the internal epidemic emergency management to ensure the health and safety of its employees, each employee including our president and CEO had to report their physical condition every day. To provide enough essential supplies and protective equipment to our employees who stayed in Hubei, which is the hardest-hit region. Although the entire organization was suffering by the epidemic with heavy loss, IMD still put its employees a priority, because it always believes that we can go through the difficulty by the team's cooperation.

IMD actively responded to the epidemic


In the past two months, there was a serious shortage of medical supplies in Shanghai, even for the frontline medical staff, they didn’t have enough protective equipment in the work. On 6th March, IMD donated the first batch of medical aid supplies to the local health committee after our new production lines of protective equipment start to produce. We appreciated the effort of doctors and frontline medical staff to defense the pandemic, these people need to be protected as well when they treat the infected patient. Sometimes, it’s hard to balance the business interest and social responsibility in the dilemma. The mission of IMD drives us to be a good role to respond to all stakeholders. We benefit from the general society and undertake social responsibility at the same time to benefit society.

IMD donated the first batch of medical aid supplies

Let's stand together and help each other to fight the COVID-19.

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