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Tips for ​Orthodontic Treatment

Tips for ​Orthodontic Treatment

Ⅰ. Orthodontic treatment time is different for boys and girls

Many parents think that orthodontic treatment for children can not start until the teeth are replaced at the age of 12, but this is wrong.

Some malocclusions should be corrected as soon as possible. When the child is 3 and a half years old, parents should take the child to a regular specialist hospital for the first comprehensive oral examination. If any deformity is found, early orthodontic treatment should be carried out as soon as possible. The deformities such as anterior crossbite should be treated at this age.

Once the treatment for the age group is missed, when the child is 7 years old, parents should take the child to a regular specialist hospital for a second orthodontic examination. If problems are found at this time, early orthodontic treatment should also be done in time. For some children with skeletal deformities, such as anterior crossbite and posterior crossbite, orthodontic treatment for overbite can be used to improve the child's face and bite.

For children who need orthodontic treatment, the best orthodontic time is 12 years old for boys and 10 years old for girls. Once this period of rapid growth and development is missed, treatment can only be done until adults. However, after adulthood, some deformities become permanent deformities, which can only be corrected by surgery, which increases the cost, and also increases the difficulty of treatment.

Ⅱ. Age is not an issue with orthodontic treatment for adults

With the improvement of people's life, in recent years, many adults also choose orthodontic treatment. But there is also a misunderstanding that they feel that they are too old for orthodontics and regret it later.

Whether adults can receive orthodontic treatment mainly depends on the health of the alveolar bone. In recent years, more and more adults have received orthodontic treatment, mainly young and middle-aged people. But there are also many people who think that orthodontics cannot be done when they are old. In fact, for adults, age is not a key factor in measuring whether orthodontics can be done, but whether the alveolar bone is healthy. Among the orthodontic treatment patients, the oldest was 60 years old.

Special tips:

If you plan to get pregnant, orthodontic treatment is not recommended, because orthodontic treatment will have a certain impact on pregnancy.

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