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The Importance of Taking Good Care of Baby Teeth

The Importance of Taking Good Care of Baby Teeth

Taking good care of deciduous teeth is important to prevent congestion of deciduous teeth, because deciduous teeth are the space holders of permanent teeth. If a deciduous tooth falls off prematurely due to trauma or tooth decay, and the new permanent tooth is not ready to grow, the surrounding teeth may change position or growth pattern, reducing the space for the growth of the adult tooth, which will lead to mouth crowding. Such a situation may require more complicated corrective treatment to correct it.

When deciduous teeth fall out prematurely, it may be necessary to use a space retainer for early orthodontic treatment. The space retainer can maintain the space in the oral cavity, prevent unnecessary displacement of surrounding teeth, and give permanent teeth a chance to grow out correctly. The space holder is a passive device that stops the teeth from moving instead of applying pressure to the teeth.

If your child has the following conditions, early orthodontic treatment is recommended:

1. Protruding upper incisors;

2. When biting something, the teeth are not completely occluded (for example, the upper front teeth are behind the lower front teeth);

3. Asymmetry of protrusion and/or jaw position;

4. Pain when biting the teeth (such as pain gum or palate);

5. Premature loss of baby teeth due to tooth decay or trauma;

6. The chin moves forward or sideways during bite;

7. Over 5 years old, but still sucking fingers;

8. A family history of missing teeth or other dental problems.

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