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Some Issues That Everyone Cares About About Orthodontic Therapy

Some Issues That Everyone Cares About About Orthodontic Therapy

 A mouthful of white and neat teeth can improve the beauty and personal self-confidence is immeasurable.

Ⅰ. What is the role of orthodontic therapy

Orthodontic therapy is what we call correction, which can make teeth beautiful. This is the most obvious effect of orthodontics, and it is also the reason why many people do orthodontics. It can make deformed teeth neat and give you a clean and beautiful tooth to relieve your troubles. Improve the relationship between the teeth. During the correction of the deformity, the muscles and other soft tissues around the mouth also undergo corresponding changes to establish a new balance, so that the effect can be stabilized after correction. A perfect correction is a harmonious unity of health, function, beauty and long-term stability.

Ⅱ. The effect of orthodontic therapy is comparable to plastic surgery

For adults, orthodontic therapy is mainly to move teeth. When the position of the front teeth changes, the front and rear positions of the lips and the relationship between the lips and teeth will also change accordingly, which will bring about changes in the appearance of the lower part of the nose or the lower third of the face.

For example, the protruding lips are flattened, the face is more coordinated and more beautiful. This is the main reason why people say that plastic surgery is comparable to plastic surgery, especially for children in the growth period. Early orthodontic therapy can improve the uncoordinated facial shape to the greatest extent by guiding the growth of facial bones. The effect of plastic surgery.

Ⅲ. Can the child not undergo orthodontic therapy without changing teeth

Not only do many parents think so, but some non-orthodontic dentists also think so.

In fact, children have many bad habits during the deciduous and replacement period, such as tooth deformities, or abnormal facial bone development. If parents cannot correct or correct them in time, it will greatly affect the normal development of oral and facial bones and cause serious consequences. Even if it is corrected later, it will not only waste time and energy, but the effect will be greatly reduced.

It is recommended that children do not have their first orthodontic examination after the age of 7, and a professional orthodontist will determine the timing of each child's correction. It may be early correction in the deciduous period, replacement period, or comprehensive correction after tooth replacement.

Ⅳ. There are still opportunities for adults who want to correct

Orthodontics are not exclusive to children. Adults can also have orthodontics.

The orthodontic cycle of adults is longer than that of children. Since the best time for childhood is missed, we must act immediately, the sooner the better. It takes courage to put on braces, but the sooner you do it, the sooner you can experience the magical feeling that you are becoming beautiful day by day!

Ⅴ. People who are afraid of pain: Will correction hurt

Afraid of pain makes many people afraid to do orthodontics.

It's not terrible. The light force correction technology we use now can provide a safe and comfortable correction, so that the patient does not feel pain or only slight discomfort.

During the therapy, the soreness and weak bite after the tooth is stressed is also a temporary phenomenon, which is generally within the tolerable range, will not affect eating and sleeping, and will be eliminated naturally after two or three days or a week.

Ⅵ. Can I only wear steel braces for correction?

The era when the whole tooth was laughed at by others is long gone!

Now, after the orthodontist has formulated a therapy plan, there are a variety of braces to choose from. In addition to the traditional metal steel braces, there are also ceramic braces that are close to the tooth color, and transparent braces that can be removed and worn freely, which will not affect the aesthetics. You can make a choice according to your needs. As for how to choose, be sure to consult a professional dentist.

In addition to the above problems, during the orthodontic therapy, it is necessary to insist on regular oral examinations with the dentist and regular dental cleaning with the dentist to ensure the health of the teeth and gums during the orthodontic therapy.

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