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Root Canal Treatment of Children's Dental Caries

Root Canal Treatment of Children's Dental Caries

Root canal treatment of deciduous teeth is to eliminate the pain, control inflammation, promote the healing of the lesions, so that the deciduous teeth can be replaced normally and guide the permanent teeth to erupt normally by removing the infected material in the root canal, forming the root canal, disinfecting the root canal, and filling the root canal with absorbable materials.

1. Indications for root canal treatment of deciduous teeth

According to the study of the American Pediatric Dentistry Association, the indications for root canal treatment of deciduous teeth are as follows:

(1) History of spontaneous pain;

(2) Irreversible pulpitis, pulp necrosis, and apical periodontitis;

(3) Bleeding is still not stopped after coronary medullary transection;

(4) Physiological or pathological root absorption does not exceed 1/3 of the root apex, and at least 2/3 of the root. If the periapical periodontitis of the deciduous teeth spreads to the permanent tooth germ and the extensive internal or external root resorption exceeds 1/3, the deciduous teeth should be extracted according to the situation, and follow-up treatments should be performed to facilitate the normal eruption of the permanent teeth.

2. The criteria for judging the curative effect of root canal treatment of deciduous teeth

Success: no conscious symptoms, closed fistula, no percussion pain, good chewing function, X-rays showed disappearance of periapical shadow 6 months after operation;

Failure: Pathological absorption of the tooth root occurred; symptoms did not relieve, the original fistula was not closed or complicated with acute apical periodontitis, X-ray film showed that the shadow of the root apex did not shrink. For deciduous teeth that have failed root canal treatment, the reasons need to be searched and analyzed, and it is necessary to determine whether they need to be removed in time according to the situation.

The following is the children's oral health guidance:

Pulp lesions and periapical lesions of deciduous teeth are mainly caused by caries. Children's oral health guidance includes the following aspects.

(1) Pay attention to oral hygiene;

(2) Fluoride coating, pit and fissure sealing, preventive resin filling, dentition correction;

(3) Reasonable diet, increase relevant nutrients, and use sucrose substitutes;

(4) Limit the frequency of eating. In view of the rapid development of children's dental caries and the lack of obvious symptoms, regular inspections should be carried out. Early detection and early intervention are particularly important for the prevention and treatment of children's dental caries.

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