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Respirator & Medical Face Masks

Respirator and Medical Face Mask Cases

What Patients and Doctors
Are Saying

Wearing Comfortable, Breathing Healthy


Since the clinic resumed work, we have been using IMD's KN95 mask, which is thin and soft, not so choked, and it's very comfortable to wear. Meanwhile, IMD's staff told us that it was a protective mask, that the filtration efficiency was much better than 95%, that it could be used in the medical environment, which made us feel very safe. 

Dr. Zhang Bin

Small Accessories, Big Role

Wearing a FFP2 mask for a long time can make our ears hurt, But for the FFP2 mask we use, there is a small accessory—retaining clip, thanks to it, the ear pain is gone and we can do other things at ease.

Cai Yang
Wondering Which IMD Product Is
Right For You?

Thanks to the soft non-woven fiber and low respiratory resistance, whether respirators or medical face masks, they all wear up very comfortable and help you focus on your work.