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Reasons Why the Orthodontic Therapy Is Necessary

Reasons Why the Orthodontic Therapy Is Necessary

What is the orthodontic therapy? The so-called orthodontic therapy refers to correcting unnaturally-growing teeth to an objectively attractive position, and making the upper and lower lips reach a balanced state to present a beautiful look.

1. Representative cases requiring the orthodontic therapy:

1) Crowded dentition

The main reason for the uneven teeth is the lack of space for teeth growth, that is, the jaw bone is too small. Sometimes the teeth are completely squeezed out of the dentition. Girls with tiger teeth are always cute, but this is actually because the fangs are squeezed out of the dentition. Generally, people with tiger teeth have a crowded dentition.

Uneven dentition will make it difficult to brush your teeth, and no matter how you brush, there will be areas that you can't brush, so the probability of having caries will be higher. The probability of suffering from periodontal disease in adulthood will also be significantly higher.

2) The protrusion of upper jaw

People generally call it "buck teeth". Protrusion of the upper jaw may be caused due to the bones. In addition, if the upper jaw is larger than the lower jaw, this situation will also happen. The habitual finger sucking can also cause the protrusion of the upper jaw.

With a grin, the gums of the upper jaw will be clearly visible, which is very embarrassing. Protruding teeth will prevent the upper and lower lips from closing together, making it look like the mouth is kept open. The gums become dry and become more susceptible to periodontal disease, which endangers the health of the entire oral cavity. In addition, open mouth breathing can also cause adverse effects on the respiratory system.

In addition, open jaws without the maxillary protrusion and inverted jaws, commonly known as "crossbite", also requires the orthodontic therapy.

2. The benefits of the orthodontic therapy

The purpose of orthodontics:

People with white and clean teeth always gives other one the impression of being healthy. Having a good tooth will make a smile more confident and brighter. This is the purpose of orthodontics.

In this way, everyone may think that orthodontics is just an aesthetic problem. It is true that many patients receiving the orthodontic therapy say that it is out of aesthetic pursuit. But in fact after orthodontics, the occlusion is in the correct position, which can further improve oral health.

What's more, it can also drive all parts of the body to achieve unexpected results. For example, brushing your teeth becomes easier, so that the risk of having dental caries or periodontal disease will be reduced. Even the pronunciation will be improved.

The inferiority complex before therapy can be totally wiped out, and patients can become more confident in themselves. This shows that the orthodontic therapy can improve both communication skills and social life.

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