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Sixteen years ago, we introduced a Niti Super Elastic Arch Wire and a Niti Thermal Active Arch Wire to orthodontic treatment inspired by an orthodontist used to level and align the teeth through a shaped memory alloy wire. With a further understanding of the orthodontists' requirements, we researched and developed a complete range of orthodontic products to give the better tools and technologies the orthodontists need to create the ideal smile. From the metal self-ligating brackets, ceramic brackets, twin brackets, ortho buccal tubes, bands to arch wires, springs, elastomerics, and orthodontic instruments, IMD products are precision manufactured to help the orthodontists to reach their goals.

Types Of Orthodontic Products

Why Choose IMD Orthodontic Products

We often get the question "What the difference you from other orthodontic supplies manufacturers?" The answer is simple. We focus on the number one priority-You. Since different configurations and several options to choose from, ensure you select a reliable supply that fits the requirements of orthodontists. As far as the orthodontic supplier is concerned, you only get what you pay for. IMD orthodontics is committed to simplifying the entire process of orthodontic treatment. We understand orthodontists' satisfaction and are poised to delivering high quality, branded ortho supplies for orthodontists. Below are some of the reasons why we think we should be the place you choose for orthodontic needs.


As might be expected, all the people like purchasing from established suppliers with proven records of supplying high-quality orthodontic products. Founded in 2004, IMD orthodontic products have widely used by orthodontists in over 80 countries and districts around the world. We have a goal of satisfying the orthodontists with the best ortho dental supplies.


When purchasing the orthodontic products, utility is the other important factor to consider. The integration of the new material, technologies that make your customers more comfortable or make service delivery quicker should be prioritized. For instance, passive self-ligating brackets move teeth more quickly and use simply than the traditional twin brackets. This makes it more useful to align the teeth under treatment while also adding extra comfort-a value-added service to what you are offering.

After-sale Support

This is often overlooked, but it's a cornerstone of a successful orthodontic supply company. We are dedicated to excellent customer service by providing the fastest delivery time in the industry and value-added services. The vast majority of standard orders are shipped within two working days. In an effort to facilitate the value-added services, we have built a 600㎡ training center in the heart of our manufacturing headquarter, right here in Shanghai. Over 10 international experts came here to make lectures and shared the advanced orthodontics concept, which was well-received in Chinese orthodontists.

FAQs Of Orthodontic Products

Q What types of orthodontic products IMD provide?

We can provide two kinds of orthodontic products according to the appliances the orthodontists use:

Removable orthodontic products: TT clear aligner

Fixed orthodontic products: active self-ligating brackets, passive self-ligating brackets, metal brackets, ceramic brackets, twin brackets, orthodontic wires, bands, buccal tubes, coil springs, elastomerics, lingual buttons, lingual cleats, Lingual sheath, vertical palatal bras, crimple hooks, orthodontic pliers, bracket positioning gauge, bracket tweezer, ligature instrument, force gauge.

Q What is the advantages of IMD orthodontic products?
  • One-stop shopping: IMD orthodontics provides a complete range of dental orthodontics products, that allows you to get everything you need.

  • High-quality raw material: In order to get superior quality, we only use selected raw materials.

  • Advanced production technology and strict product quality assurance guarantee the high quality of the production

  • A flexible market operation mechanism and considerate after-sales services

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