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Orthodontic Bands & Attachments

Orthodontic Bands & Attachments

IMD ortho molar bands are primarily indicated for the patients who require a major correction of their bite and/or tooth alignment. These include people with extremely wide-tooth gaps, severely uneven bites, or who are older and have less malleable bone structure and children whose teeth have not fully grown in yet and need better teeth isolation. Depending on the extensiveness of the correction, two or more bands may be needed.

Advantages Of Orthodontic Bands & Attachments

  • Anatomically contoured for fast placement and accurate fit

  • Micro-etched interior surface ensures maximum retention

  • Consistent wall thickness

  • Buccal tubes can be welded directly to molar bands

  • Tooth position & size etched markings for permanent identification

Free! Pre-welding Service

Ordering bands with attachment can be a time-consuming process, not to mention the time and expertise required to weld the attachment. IMD offers complimentary welding with all of our bands and orthodontic attachments.

When we receive an order, the weld specifications are kept on file so recorders utilizing the same bands and weld attachments can be simplified by asking us to duplicate your last order.

Free! Pre-welding Service

Types Of Orthodontic Bands & Attachments

Weldable & Bondable Lingual Buttons

Our bondable and weldable lingual buttons are perfect for all your patients. Formed for patient comfort, our lingual button in orthodontics can easily bond to any tooth. Weldable lingual buttons can be welded to bands.

wedable round base

weldable rectanfular base

bondable round base

bondable rectanular base

Weldable Round BaseWeldable Rectangular BaseBondable Round BaseBondable Rectangular Base

Weldable & Bondable Lingual Cleats

Our lingual cleats in orthodontics, with a distal indent, provide additional retention to hold palatal arch bar in the sheath.

weldable slim sheet

wedable round base

Bondable Lingual Cleats Slim Sheet

Bondable Lingual Cleats Round Base

Weldable Slim SheetWeldable Round BaseBondable Lingual Cleats Slim SheetBondable Lingual Cleats Round Base

Lingual Sheath & Twin Slot Lingual Sheath

Our lingual sheath orthodontics can be applied together with palatal bars and expansion springs, capable of inserting 2 pieces of 0.9mm wires. And the twin slot lingual sheath are applied together with vertical palatal bars, capable of inserting 1 piece of 0.9mm wire.

Lingual sheath with hook

Lingual sheath Without Hook

twin slot lingual sheath

Lingual Sheath With HookLingual Sheath Without HookTwin Slot Lingual Sheath

Vertical Palatal Bars

Our vertical palatal bars can be applied together with twin slot lingual sheath, made of 0.9mm SS wires.

Vertical Palatal Bars
Crimple Hooks

We have four kinds of crimpable hooks orthodontics:

  1. Movable crimple hooks: sliding alone: sliding alone the arch wires

  2. Long crimple hooks: fixed on the wires inserted in-structure, fits round or rectangular wires, easy to use

  3. Crimple hooks: fixed on the wires inserted in-structure

  4. Long curved crimple hooks: fixed on the archwire, divided into left and right

long crimple hooks

crimple hooks

long curved crimple hooks

Long Crimple HooksCrimple HooksLong Curved Crimple Hooks

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