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MSOLO Niti Files (Reciprocating Movement)

MSOLO Niti Files (Reciprocating Movement)

MSOLO Niti Files One File System

MSOLO, one file endo system, is designed to achieve the most of preparations in reciprocation, especially suitable for curve and complex root canals treatment. It's great debris removal by reciprocating movement that extremely reduced the risk of file's breakage and the transportation of apical foramen. MSOLO is also made by nickel-titanium alloy with great elasticity and can be pre-bendable.

Advantages Of MSOLO One File System

  • MSOLO is designed for single use with reciprocating movement and complete the work of some instruments which is possible to prepare even complex root canals with predictable results using just one instrument.

msolo reciprocating movement

  • S-shaped cross-section design allows better cutting performance and the large space between the cutting edges maximize the dentin removal during the file's revolving.

msolo s shape cross section design

  • X-Wire memory raw material with great elasticity, it's pre-bendable and fracture resistance, the dentists are able to bend the file before access into the canal to prepare the curve root canal.

Key Work Steps Of MSOLO Niti Files

  • Starting the preparation with SS K file #10

  • Determining the working length by SS K file #15

  • Prepare till 2/3 of full working length by MSOLO #20 or #25

  • Enable creation of a smooth glide path and determine the working length again by Wayfinder #10or #15

  • Finish preparation till the full working length by MSOLO #20 or #25

msolo key work steps

Specification Of MSOLO Niti Files

msolo's specification

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