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Mini-Arch Ophro Metal Twin Brackets

Mini-Arch Ophro Metal Twin Brackets

Only the Benefits Are Big

Lower than traditional style brackets, Mini-Arch Ophro is comfortable and attractive in appearance to help the patients feel more confident and self-assured while in treatment. The bracket mini twin's low profile and smooth finish ensures patient comfort and helps you better maintain good oral hygiene. It will provide a pleasing treatment option for young people and professionals.

Advantages Of Mini-Arch Ophro Metal Twin Brackets

  • Computer-Aided Design ensures the design of the bracket around the idea and bringing them both closer to the teeth

  • Metal Injection Molding (MIM) with 17-4PH stainless steel for strength, eliminates sharp edges, increase patient comfort, and improves overall treatment

  • Round facial contours and mini-size make the brackets less noticeable and enhance patient comfort

  • Center Scribe Line for more accurate bracket placement

  • Bidirectional Arch Base for optimum fit & increased bond strength and accurate bracket placement

  • An 80 gauge mesh forming a superior surface area of interlocking retention

  • Low profile adds to the mini metal braces' aesthetics and comfort while expressing precise programming for effective mechanics

Advantages Of Mini-Arch Ophro Metal Twin Brackets
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