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The endodontic instruments is one of main businesses for IMD company, which is committed to specialized research the clinic science and advanced technique in order to manufacture high-quality endodontic products, to help dentists therapy their patients effectively in an easy and safe way by E3's products. As the vision of IMD, "EASY, EFFICIENT, EXCELLENT" drive us to step by step from the launch of first Ni-ti root canal file ten years ago to having a comprehensive endodontic product system now. Thousands of dentists around the world are the witnesses of IMD's development and they continuously use IMD's rotary endo files, endo motor and other accessories in their daily work. With higher cost performance, E3 is becoming a more and more popular endodontic brand and recognized the prioritized brand choice for many dentists, clinics and hospitals.

With a comprehensive product system and competitive price, the dental endodontics instruments IMD provided are able to satisfy the high requirement of root canal treatment and more profitable for dental institutions. Through to select a simple and suitable instrument kit for different types of root canal, it makes the root canal treatment easier. The dentists also can prepare the pathway efficiently with high cutting performance and extremely reduce time-consuming in the preparation. The high standard of IMD's quality control guarantee that each instrument is manufactured with eligible conditions and ensure the whole preparation in a safe way.

Types Of Endodontics Products

Why Do You Choose IMD Endodontics Products?

Innovation for you

Innovation has always been the driving force for our endodontics products development. Our research and development team cooperate with ptofessional dentist teams to study from production technology, material development, and clinical medicine. On the basis of the huge market feedback database, which has collected many clinical feedback and ideas from the dentists who are using E3's product, IMD medical constantly develops new products and improves existing products. We would love to produce the best endodontic tools for our end users.

Quality focus

In the IMD's mechanical automation production line, high-precision craftsmanship and high-efficiency productivity are applied to minimize manual work and improve product yield. We abide by and implement a high-standard quality monitoring system to detect the quality of all of our endodontics products, and we have also set up manual intervention testing throughout the whole production process to ensure the high quality of each endodontic product we made.

Top Service

We are appreciated to everyone who is interested in IMD's products and provide excellent pre-sales and after-sales customer service to you. To get a timely response to customers queries and consultations by many communication methods when you have any questions of our endodontics products; the online courses and practical training are value-added services we provided to our customers.

FAQs of endodontics

Q What types of endodontic products IMD provide?

IMD provides a series of dental root canal files, endo motor and other endo accessories.

Our production line includes niti rotary instruments (engine use) and endo hand files (hand use), stainless steel root canal files, barbed broaches, root filler, gold-paled/titanium/stainless steel dental post, endo box, endo clean, endo block, etc.

Q What are the advantages of IMD endodontic products?
  • The comprehensive root canal file system is satisfied the requirements of different root canal treatment.

  • The high-standard quality monitoring system has guaranteed the quality of each product.

  • The R&D and dentist team work together to develop reliable endo products.  

With the high-cost performance, it can ensure safer and more effective treatment and also make it more profitable for dental clinics.

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