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Price of Metal and Ceramic Braces

Price of Metal and Ceramic Braces

In the age where everyone wants to look beautiful, a slight flaw on the face will be infinitely magnified, such as protruding teeth. If your teeth are not good-looking, they will affect your appearance and you have to straighten them. What kind of material used for you braces is a problem. So which one is better, metal or ceramic braces? What should be paid attention to when teeth are strengthened?

1. The benefits of wearing metal and ceramic braces

It can make preparation to repair missing teeth. People who have missing teeth but are unwilling to insert or are not suitable for dental inserts can also close the gap between the missing teeth through orthodontics to achieve an aesthetic effect. People with too loose teeth and gaps can concentrate the gaps in the teeth through orthodontics, and insert the teeth in the places where the gaps are formed, which can also achieve the purpose of aesthetics.

2. Metal braces price

Ordinary metal braces are scientifically called metal bracket fixation appliances, which are the most commonly used appliances today with the longest history, but they do not look very pretty. The price of metal braces is relatively low because they are made of steel wire. The cost of correction for adolescents is about 7,000 to 8,000 yuan, and for adults is about 10,000 yuan. Although they are most widely used, mental braces leave a little impact on patients' appearance.

3. Ceramic braces price

Ceramic braces are completely made of porcelain. The color of brackets is close to the color of the teeth and look similar to natural teeth.

Ceramic bracket fixation appliances look more beautiful and are loved by many adult patients, especially female patients. The ceramic braces price is higher than that of metal braces, which is about 14,000 yuan.

4. Matters needing attention of metal and ceramic braces

The purpose of wearing braces is to allow the teeth to be well rectified, to be arranged more neatly, and to help repair the teeth. When braces are being wore, the first two days is relatively hard, but it will get better gradually, so you must pay attention to prevent injuries when wearing braces. Be careful not to eat anything too hard while wearing braces, otherwise the wire inside the braces will easily come out and cut your mouth. In addition, you must pay attention to sleeping on one side at night, because it will not press your mouth.

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