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Preventive Strategies for Dental Infection

Preventive Strategies for Dental Infection

Preventive solution:

1. The first task is to create a safety culture, which can be created in the following ways:

A. The clinical practice management department takes action to improve the safety of patients and dental staff

B. All members of the dental team have joined the safety plan and infection prevention and control plan

C. Acceptance of safety practices

D. Training on routine immunization/occupational immunization, post-exposure prevention, using correct personal protective equipment, etc.

E. Induction training for new dental staff or students

2. Protecting the health of medical staff in dental clinical practice

The person in charge of the dental clinic has the responsibility to implement the "employee immunization policy" in accordance with national guidance. In the UK, all clinical/non-clinical medical staff, interns and students are recommended to be vaccinated against the following infectious diseases: tetanus, diphtheria, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). It is usually recommended to nominate a staff member to manage health records and record related incidents. The contents of the file should clearly record the results of the hepatitis B virus antibody test of the medical staff and the vaccination process.

There are two types of products for occupational immunity against hepatitis B: active immunity and hepatitis B immune globulin (HBIG, which provides passive and temporary immunity). Since the introduction of routine hepatitis B vaccination for medical staff in the UK, the number of occupational hepatitis B cases has dropped sharply: since 2004, there have been no occupational cases of hepatitis B caused by sharps or splash incidents in the UK.

3. Protecting the health of women of childbearing age

Women of childbearing age working in dental clinics should protect themselves from occupational infections that harm the fetus during pregnancy, such as rubella, chickenpox and syphilis.

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