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Is It Necessary to Get a Tooth Crown After the Root Canal Treatment

Is It Necessary to Get a Tooth Crown After the Root Canal Treatment

Doctors often recommend a tooth crown after the root canal treatment for patients who have undergone root canal treatment, but the patient does not understand why a tooth crown is required. Root canal treatment is a treatment method for treating pulp disease and periapical disease, while tooth crown is a method of tooth restoration. After root canal treatment, tooth crown restoration is required depending on the degree of tooth damage. If the tooth is damaged and the filling material cannot be obtained to restore the masticatory function, restoration of the tooth is required. Otherwise, it can be filled with permanent filling material.

Ⅰ. Why do you need a tooth crown after root canal treatment?

Because the teeth that need root canal treatment are generally caries (dental teeth) and large defects, although the root canal treatment is completed at this time, the remaining tooth tissue is very fragile. It is very easy to break, split, and lose Normal functions cannot be restored by using materials alone.

Root canal treatment is to remove and disinfect the residues and bacteria in the root canal as much as possible through the operation of drugs and instruments. However, suppose such a disinfection process is to be carried out carefully. In that case, it is necessary to remove a lot of bacteria-infected teeth and dental tissues that have to be trimmed. Therefore, once root canal treatment is applied to most teeth, they may not have enough strength to support chewing and may break. It is no longer possible to restore function by using materials alone. Even if the long-term effect can be restored, it is not good.

After root canal treatment, the tooth loses the nutrient supply from the pulp, just like a tree that loses its root, it slowly withers and becomes very fragile, causing the fragility of the tooth to increase, and it is easy to split.

For these three reasons, the supporting force of the entire tooth is significantly weakened, and it may not be enough to support the chewing pressure under certain conditions. It is prone to tooth crown splitting, so it is necessary to make a tooth crown in time to protect it.

Ⅱ. There are some precautions after the tooth crown is put on after root canal treatment

The patient feels more confident and have a good appetite, but please don't ignore the doctor's advice after the tooth crown restoration.

Do not eat hard food; brush your teeth carefully, and seek medical attention if you have gum swelling; review regularly.

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