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How to Prevent Rebound After Orthodontics?

How to Prevent Rebound After Orthodontics?

Ⅰ. Prevent rebound after orthodontics

1. Elimination of bad oral habits: bad oral habits such as lip biting and tongue sticking must be completely eliminated before the retainer is removed.

2. Early orthodontic treatment: By correcting during the vigorous period of jaw growth and development, a relatively stable effect can be obtained. Early orthodontic treatment is recommended for cases such as twisted teeth.

3. Over-correction of teeth: For cases such as deep overbite or open-close, it should be corrected to over-correction that exceeds the normal overbite. The same correction is necessary for twisted teeth, and over-correction of teeth can often prevent recurrence after correction.

4. Sometimes after a severely twisted tooth is corrected, if the natural maintenance cannot be obtained by mechanical maintenance alone, the fiber around the neck of the tooth must be cut to obtain a stable result, which can reduce the retention time.

5. In orthognathic surgery, some malocclusion deformities cannot be improved by mechanical correction only, and surgery is often required, such as jaw plastic surgery such as prognathism and opening and closing deformities.

6. Permanent retention: In some cases, the time of wearing the orthodontic retainer can be prolonged, and recurrence cannot be prevented, such as deformed nailed lateral incisors, upper central incisor gaps, severe torsion teeth, and permanent teeth loss. In clinical practice, fixed restorations such as crowns and bridges or removable partial dentures are usually used as permanent maintenance.

Ⅱ. Repair the rebound after orthodontics

If you are not satisfied with the above situation, you can consider re-orthodontics. Correction requires a certain amount of perseverance and caution, and a professional doctor should be selected. Originally, a complete correction plan should include an assessment of the stability after correction, and also include regular follow-up visits to the retainer stage to help the patient wear the retainer. Maintain the correction effect. It is important to note that after orthodontics, the retainer must be worn to ensure the corrective effect.

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