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How to Choose Suitable Braces?

How to Choose Suitable Braces?

Bright eyes and white teeth are beautiful, as one of the most important organs in beautiful appearance. The beauty and health of teeth are increasingly being valued. More and more patients with dental and maxillofacial deformities want to live a life beautifully and beautifully, so they begin to seek orthodontics.

The discipline of orthodontics has been developed for nearly 200 years, and the technology and orthodontic appliances have been very mature and complete in variety, including: steel braces, ceramic aesthetic braces, lingual invisible braces, and invisible braces.

When a person wants to straighten their teeth, they may be confused about how to choose braces. How to choose the one that suits you best? Here are some evidences to help you choose.

1. The first thing to be clarified is: braces are only a tool for doctors to treat malocclusions. There is no need to mystify them. Braces are not a key factor in the correction effect and success rate. The key factor is the doctor's treatment plan and operation technique.

2. The choice of braces is first of all economic strength. If the correction budget is less than 30,000, consider choosing traditional outer braces. There are two types of external braces, metal steel braces and ceramic braces close to the color of the teeth. The two functions are not very different. The main reason is the aesthetics of the color. It is not that the more expensive ceramic is better, and the treatment The effect is irrelevant. In fact, ceramic braces and steel braces have the same effect at a social distance of about 1 meter and can be seen.

3. If the correction budget can be about 9455$, and the work and social tasks are heavy, or the patient needs an interview, you can consider choosing a lingual appliance. The lingual appliance is suitable for all kinds of tooth deformities and has a strong ability to control the teeth. However, the clarity of speech may be affected in the first 2 weeks of the new braces. Other overall comfort, etc. are all possible. The appliance is rubbed on the outside. Lips, rub the tongue on the inside.

4. If the correction budget can be around 50,000, and the work and social tasks are heavy, or the patient needs an interview, you can consider choosing invisible braces.

Invisible orthodontic braces are not mysterious. They are made of high-molecular materials (transparent, thin, and elastic). They are disposable braces and are renewed every two weeks. The teeth change with the braces mold. Because the production cost is relatively high, the cost is also relatively high. However, not all teeth can be corrected with invisible braces. Generally, it is necessary not to choose invisible braces for teeth extraction or correction of buck teeth. The comfort of invisible braces can be taken off every time you eat, drink and so on. The frequency of follow-up visits can be once every 3 months. If the tooth extraction case must be invisible, you can choose a lingual appliance, or invisible braces and short-term steel braces.

5. There is a kind of self-locking braces for both the outer and inner braces. The choice should be decided by the doctor. If the correction requires a low-friction brace, then a self-locking brace (bracket) is required. If the correction needs to control the torsion of the tooth, then choose traditional orthotics (non-self-locking brackets). Therefore, whether to use self-locking brackets should be left to the doctor to decide.

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