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How to Charge for Root Canal Treatment?

How to Charge for Root Canal Treatment?

1. The difference between the cost of root canal treatment and the cost of fillings

If a tooth needs root canal treatment, the cost of this treatment is usually much higher than the cost of fillings. If a tooth has caries but no pain, the approximate cost should be several hundred yuan (except for inlays) if you only need to repair it.

2. The cost of root canal treatment is divided into teeth

However, if root canal treatment is to be used for nerve extraction, the cost will rise to several thousand yuan. So why is the root canal treatment cost so expensive? First of all, root canal treatment is divided into teeth, which means that full mouth teeth are divided into three categories: anterior teeth, premolars (bicuspids) and molars. Anterior teeth treatment is the cheapest because it is simple, followed by premolars, and molars are the most expensive because of the complex roots and inconvenient operations.

3. Root canal treatment charges based on the number of nerves

In addition, for molars, there are usually 3 to 4 roots in molars, but there may be multiple nerves in the roots. A normal molar root canal treatment refers to the cost of treating 3 nerves. If the number of nerves in this tooth exceeds 3, one nerve will be charged for each extra one.

In addition, if the tooth has been treated with a root canal before, but the lack of treatment completely causes the tooth to become inflamed again, the cost of the second root canal treatment is more expensive than the first one, mainly because the second treatment is more difficult.

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