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Dentists Look here! Here Comes the Personal Protection Guide!

Dentists Look here! Here Comes the Personal Protection Guide!

In the process of dental diagnosis and treatment, protective measures for patients have been emphasized. In fact, the use of personal protective equipment of doctors is also very important. For example, the safe use of gloves in dental surgery is very important.

1. You must wash your hands before and after wearing gloves, and you cannot use gloves instead of washing hands.

2. You have to change gloves when receiving different patients to prevent cross-infection among patients and contamination of the hard surface of the operation.

3. Do not touch the patient's notes, pens, computer keyboards, door or drawer handles or your face with gloved hands.

4. Never reuse disposable gloves. There is clinical evidence that repeated use of gloves is related to the spread of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and gram-negative bacilli.

5. Do not wash or disinfect disposable gloves, which reduces the barrier property and cannot be used as a substitute for "disposable use". Note that the repeated use of any disposable items violates the "Medical Equipment Regulations".

6. Adhere to the minimum use limit of gloves. Use gloves immediately before starting to use them, and take them off immediately after the treatment is completed.

The used gloves must be treated as hazardous infectious waste.

Gloves should be changed when the treatment process is long. After using for a period of time, about 9%-12% of the gloves will perforate or become porous due to the hydration of the latex, and may penetrate. Hepatitis virus can be spread through small holes of gloves. Changing gloves during prolonged treatment can reduce sweating, thereby reducing skin infections or inflammation.Please remember that the hands are not absolutely clean because the gloves have worn out during use. When the gloves are removed, the patient's microorganisms may be transmitted to the dentist from the outer surface of the gloves.

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