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Clear Aligner Cases

TT Clear Aligner Cases

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Deep Overbite Case Studies

Deep Overbite

A deep overbite, the upper front teeth excessively overlap the lower front teeth and occurs when the mouth is closed, can sometimes be an esthetic concern. It may also indicate that there are other issues to address. TT clear aligners can fix a deep overbite.

TT Aligner Medical Department
Clear Aligners For Overbite

Open Bite Case Studies

An open bite, occurs when the upper and lower front teeth slant outwards and do not touch when the mouth is closed. Treatment is usually necessary because patients are unable to or have trouble tearing food with their front teeth, or cannot chew properly. TT clear aligner can be effective in treating minor anterior and posterior open bites, though this treatment is less commonly used.

TT Aligner Medical Department
Open Bite

Clear Aligners For Crowded Teeth Case Studies

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth are a common problem in both children and adults, which extend much further than just aesthetics. If your teeth are not aligned properly, you will find that you suffer from premature wear, teeth lost from unusual stresses, gum disease and jaw joint damage. TT clear aligner, which enables you to correct your crowding and give you a beautiful harmonious smile without anyone even knowing you're wearing braces.

TT Aligner Medical Department
Clear Aligners For Crowded Teeth

Gap Teeth Case Studies

Gap teeth, having gaps between teeth, is also a common problem among both children and adults. TT clear aligner can treat gap teeth.

TT Aligner Medical Department
Gap Teeth

Clear Aligners For Crossbite Case Studies


The main sign of having a crossbite is that upper teeth fit behind the lower teeth when your mouth is closed or at rest. It can cause complications and painful symptoms, but it's possible to correct it with treatment from a dental professional and TT clear aligner.

TT Aligner Medical Department
Clear Aligners For Crossbite

Clear Aligners For Underbite Case Studies

An underbite, also called Class III malocclusion or prognathism, is characterized by lower teeth that extend outward farther than the upper front teeth. TT clear aligner can fix some underbites. 

TT Aligner Medical Department
Clear Aligners For Underbite
Under Bite
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After the orthodontic treatment with TT clear aligner, I got a confident smile, which enhanced my appearance and self-esteem. I laughed even more than before.