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Can Orthodontic Treatment Cause Loose Teeth?

Can Orthodontic Treatment Cause Loose Teeth?

Orthodontics is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in today's oral cavity. After all, it is the dream of many people to have white and straight teeth and a confident and bright smile. In the process of tooth reshaping, it is normal to perform necessary correction of teeth. Many people therefore worry about whether this external "forced" correction of teeth will cause adverse effects such as tooth loosening?

1. Orthodontic treatment will not cause tooth loosening

In fact, there is no need to worry at all. The elasticity and toughness of the periodontal ligament make the teeth have a certain degree of looseness when they perform their functions to avoid injury. This phenomenon is called the physiological mobility of the teeth. When the alveolar bone around the root is gradually resorbed for some reason (such as long-term periodontal disease), the tooth will begin to loosen, and this loosening is pathological.

When beauty lovers are undergoing orthodontic treatment and plastic surgery, there will be some slight loosening of the teeth during the movement of the force, but after the orthodontic treatment is completed, after a period of maintenance, the alveolar bone around the teeth will be remodeled, and the teeth will become new again, as solid as ever.

2. Orthodontic treatment can prevent tooth loosening

The periodontal ligament, alveolar bone and other structures will also undergo corresponding changes during the process of orthodontic treatment. Some beauty lovers may experience mild tooth loosening, soreness and discomfort, and inability to chew, which are all normal reactions during dental plastic surgery.

In fact, after tooth reshaping, the teeth are arranged neatly, which is conducive to oral cleaning and can assist in the treatment of periodontal disease. In this sense, dental reshaping can prevent teeth from loosening as people age.

However, although tooth reshaping will not cause tooth loosening, tooth reshaping, such as some orthodontic treatments, may require wearing braces for a long time, which will have a certain impact on the life and work of some beauty lovers who have high image requirements, so the recipient should think twice before choosing dental plastic surgery.

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