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A New Generation of Diaphragm Materials, Which is Competent with More High-quality Material!

A New Generation of Diaphragm Materials, Which is Competent with More High-quality Material!

Competent; More high-quality material

TT invisible correction diaphragm material

High strength and wear resistance, 2 times fatigue resistance

The new-generation diaphragm material has a strong molecular chain structure, the resilience can be increased by 45%, with a high strength and wear resistance. Besides, the force exerted on teeth is more durable and efficient.

7 times anti-staining performance

Even in a complex oral environment for a long time, the performance remains stable.

In terms of simulating the different oral environment of the patients, the invisible appliance is immersed in coffee, tea, cola, black wolfberry, and milk tea under different acid-base environments for 24 hours without any changes.

Matte is more invisible

TT Aligner

Imported polymer materials: No glare

The reflected light of matte is "diffuse reflection", so there will be no glare, and it is not easy to detect the light with the naked eye.

Diffuse reflection and no glare

Good at exerting force and Unbiased

TT Aligner

The product adopts five mechanical parameters to optimize the automatic tooth movement distribution, with the most suitable orthodontic force and torque, the most reasonable anchorage mechanics design and the most accurate appliance replacement time, which turns theory and experience into digital rules, and helps doctors achieve more precise movement control of orthodontic tooth.

1. Basic mechanical parameters of diaphragm material

2. Analysis of correction mechanical parameters

3. Manufacturing technology parameters

4. Structural mechanics parameters after individualized 3D molding

5. Material mechanical attenuation parameters

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